BCP-PAC Bylaws


A Grass Roots Political Action Committee

The name of this organization shall be the BUTLER COUNTY PROGRESSIVE PAC, hereafter referred to as the BCP.

To advance progressive causes and to recruit, support, elect, and sustain progressive candidates at the local, state, and national levels.

A. We believe that it is necessary to 1) create a world of individual and collective security and 2) address the root causes of the problems we face.

B. We believe that individuals have a fundamental right to live in a world of social, political, environmental, and economic justice.

C. We believe that, in a just and democratic society, all citizens and groups should have access to those individual and groups responsible for policy-making

D. We embrace diversity as central to strong communities, and we celebrate difference as central to building a sense of shared community.

E. Within the context of a shared common good, we support the right of self-determination of all people.

F. Because our actions affect future generations, we strive to act responsibly and to enjoy, protect, and sustain a world rich in cultures and resources.

G. We believe in continuing self-examination in order to make our actions consistent with our progressive political philosophy.

H. While we think globally, we will primarily act locally.

BCP is a voluntary organization, based in the Oxford, Ohio area that encourages broad participation throughout Butler County and adjacent areas by all who support progressive principles. To be a member of BCP in good standing, an individual must a) support its mission and statement of principles and b) pay the annual membership dues as determined by the Executive Board. With the exception of the initial general (election) meeting, when voting membership is conferred on anyone in attendance who fulfills a) and b) above, voting membership becomes effective 35 days after an application and dues are submitted. Membership expires and is renewed at the first General Meeting, usually in February, of each year.

A. BCP shall have the following officers: President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer.

B. Officers are elected for one-year terms at the annual election meeting in February. Officers may be re-elected to the same or different positions.

C. The PRESIDENT calls, sets the agenda, and facilitates General Meetings of the BCP; may call special meetings of the BCP; chairs the Executive Board and its meetings; serves as primary spokesperson of the organization; and appoints, in consultation with other officers, committee chairs.

D. The VICE-PRESIDENT assumes duties delegated by the President and, in the absence of the President, assumes the duties of the President.

E. The SECRETARY shall record the minutes of General meetings and Executive Board meetings, on paper and electronically; maintain all active documents, membership lists, petitions, reports, etc; and create and maintain all records of meeting attendance.

F. The TREASURER shall be responsible for maintaining and managing all financial accounts; shall file all appropriate documents required by law or deemed necessary; shall process all reimbursements and cash advances and keep a record of such transactions; shall serve as primary signatory for all official BCP accounts; shall report the status of all BCP financial accounts at General meetings and, when requested, at meetings of the Executive Board; and shall have the books audited by an independent auditor each February and before leaving office.

G. REMOVAL of an Officer. Any officer may be removed through 1) resignation or 2) a two-thirds vote of members at a general meeting.

A. The Executive Board consists of nine (9) members: the four elected BCP Officers (President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer) plus five members elected at-large by the general membership.

B. Powers and Duties: The Executive Board provides overall direction of the BCP; assists in setting the agenda for General meetings; coordinates the work of ad-hoc and permanent committees; sets the annual membership dues; develops and approves the annual BCP budget; makes recommendations to the full membership about endorsements and monetary support of issues and candidates. The Executive Board may expend up to $250.00 per instance and up to $500.00 in any quarter without the approval of the general membership. The Executive Board may not expend any monies on issues or candidates not previously endorsed by the general membership.

C. Meetings: The Executive Board meets monthly. Quorum for such meetings consists of a majority of the current Board membership. Board meetings are open to any BCP member and, with prior approval of the President, invited guests.

A. There shall be a minimum of four (4) general meetings each year, each held at a public place and each announced at least ten days prior to the meeting.

B. General meetings are chaired by the BCP President, who creates the agenda for all such meetings, and are conducted according to Roberts Rules of Order.

C. Attendance at general meetings is open to all BCP members and their guests. All members and guests have the right, when duly recognized by the chair, to speak at such meetings.

D. Quorum consists of 10% of the voting membership.

E. It is the full membership at general meetings that makes decisions, by majority vote, concerning endorsements and monetary support of issues and candidates.

A. The by-laws may be amended by majority vote at a general meeting PROVIDED THAT the amendment appears in writing at the meeting notice sent at least ten days before the meeting. Without such prior notice, any amendment to the By-Laws requires a super majority of 2/3 of voting members present.

The BCP may be dissolved at any time by the majority vote of members at a general meeting called for the purpose of dissolution.

Approved Unanimously: January 8, 2009 – Don Daiker, Acting Chair

Amended: February 12, 2009 – Don Daiker, President

Amended: February 10, 2010 – Don Daiker, President